Everything you need for remote desktop software


Remote Desktop




Remote Device Control


Manage Contacts

  Connect with other computer fast and secure and use that computer like your own computer without the time limitation     With the installation file you create ,your user list has all remote connecting computer that running DeskGate and you can connect when you want




  Get started to remote desktop without registration, installation or administrative. Just simply download and ready to use. Just when you need business or professional license you should registration.     You can create groups for see your users and connect with them. With the multiple group options, creating multiple groups allows simplify the management system.

Easy to Use


Active Directory

  You can download lightweight at any time and use it easy interface.     With the MSI package, you can setup directly to the groups on your network.

Maximum Compatibility


Online Administration Panel

  DeskGate runs older versions ,such as Windows XP or Windows 7 on your operating system. You don't need latest version of your operating system to use it.     With the DeskGate Panel easily access licenses, users, groups and inventory logs. You can has full authority that your active license

Efficient and Speedy Connection


Support / HelpDesk

  Speedy, easy and real-time connection. You can see immediate response on your actions from remote connecting computer. Demanding Applications     In case of technical problems, remote support is created for defined IT group within the authority of administrator.
  DeskGate don't affected from data-intensive applications when running    

File Sharing Options


Data Center

  Transfer files from your computer to other remote computer using file sharing options.     It is kept ready with ISO 27001 certified and multiple server support

Wake up, Restart, Shut down


Encryption Technology

  Remotely wake and restart on sleeping devices running DeskGate Remote Desktop Client.     Secure connection with AES encryption with TLS 1.2 and SSL






    Verification of all connections RSA public / private asymmetric encryption is validated in military standards.



Free Trial

  We offer a trial version that you can test without having to register or request any personal information. You can continue to use this version unlimited for personal use and non-registration operation.  

Corporation License

  The type of license that you registered your company DeskGate management system and you can create a list of computers you will connect and than you can manage that computer with ticket system  

Professional License

  Professional license to use advanced inventory information and backup features as well as remote connection and ticket system