DESKGATE User Activities and Controller
Record the activities of staff during the day


DeskGate User Activities and Controller
Get in front of user errors. Keep your business processes under control by recording the activities that employees have done during the day and avoiding any errors that may be made outside of the staff's request
Data safety and staff activity

Contact us for features and more, such as

Antivirus friendly
Remote live screen monitoring, regardless of location
Multiple live screen monitoring
Backup feature and security measures against bad scenarios
Quick administrative support through the Ticket system
Ability to track screens retrospectively
Program usage records
Program usage times and reports
Remote connectivity
Website usage details and reports
Detailed file transfer logs to go against data theft
Advanced web blocking solutions
Calculation of active working hours and score distribution
All data is stored in the company due to its feature allowing local operation
Stealth feature
Custom file and email correspondence tracking
Productivity reports
User network activity reports
Track uploaded and downloaded files

It allows you to control how staff use the computer. When a user copies a file to a USB flash disk, changes the name of a file, or deletes a file, it is all recorded at the time of the operation. These records prevent staff from making errors. The system also records which websites the staff have visited.

You can identify websites that you do not want visited and prevent users from visiting those sites. It also records how much time the staff spent on the particular website. You can restrict data sharing methods by blocking not only web sites but also certain outlets. The system also keeps track of how long users are actively using the program. Through these records, it is possible to report how efficiently the staff has spent their time.

Where can you use it Let's look at what you can do with DeskGate and what benefits it can provide you. It would be better to look at our services under 6 headings.

Productivity: With the software, you can follow your employees and see what they do during the day. By this means, you can look into unproductivity in the past and rescue your organization from a serious financial burden.

Ticket Help Desk: In order to meet the support needs of the staff during the day, you can offer quick solutions by giving remote support rather than going to their desk, and you can record these operations.

Auto Backup: Staff has moments when their computers crash, are stolen, or left unprotected against potential dangers. In such cases, it is important that important files on staff computers are backed up. Get rid of these problems with the Auto Backup feature.

Staff Attendant: You will be able to keep track of whether your staff is doing the work they need to do at the computer, even if the computer is turned off.

Security: As it is widely known, thousands of people and institutions are victims each year due to many sites hosting viruses. If you do not want to be among these institutions, you can restrict the sites that are visited. Thus, your staff will not be able to visit the sites you don’t want them to, and you will be able to protect your institution from the threats that may come as a result. Technical Solution for IT Staff: We provide secure access to computers belonging to the institution that are remotely located. We offer support to you to serve more users at the same time and provide advantages over other institutions. We make it easy to solve problems immediately. As noted, we provide all kinds of software services that you need in order to keep the wheel turning in a healthy way. Information flow is very important for institutions. If information flow is interrupte, the work you have done naturally will also be influenced by it and will also be interrupted. We also provide network-tracking services allowing the monitoring of communication between all devices and staff, as well as for the monitoring of transfers. With in-house measurement capabilities, we can summarize our services as protecting your productivity or bringing it to the level you want, having fast and efficient solutions and offering top-level data protection

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