Everything you need for remote desktop software



Remote Support


Remote Desktop

  Access the remote computer wherever you need it. You only need Internet connection.     Connect another computer secure, easy and unlimited connection with DeskGate Software.
  Make your product installation and to customer support remotely with secure connection.     During the connection, your data is encrypted in high security military standards.
  Provide training or presentation to people on different office or place.     Connections without Firewall and VPN restrictions. DeskGate comes with features that can work behind NAT.
  It provides solutions for unlimited connection without Firewall restrictions.     You can connect with remote computer where you want without any setting.
  For remote support you don’t need any software installation. Simply download and start to use.     Save time and speed up your business with remote management system.
        Download and install DeskGate remote desktop software on the computer you need remote access to. You don’t need any registration or setup.

IT Management



  Create a management panel to provide more efficient service to your customers or employees.     Helpdesk system plays a very important role in It management for rapid solutions.
  Manage your users in special groups that you creating on the panel and contact them whenever you want.     Get your support requesting from users and connect when you need.
  You can access that panel from anywhere and work from home and outside the office.     In the Helpdesk system, divide users into groups and assign a manager to groups.
  Have unlimited control and communication on your users in management panel. Send your bulk alerts and messages to all your users.     Detailed reporting for support requesting.
      Get satisfaction evaluation from users after end of the support.
        Improve business continuity and management performance with responses to support requests.