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Why DeskGate Remote Desktop or Employee Monitoring Software ?

Why DeskGate Remote Desktop or Employee Monitoring Software ?

If you have an institutional company or are trying to be institutionalized, there are certain points you need to follow.
It should be your priority to make your processes more professional and manageable.
As DeskGate remote desktop or employee monitoring software, we are opening doors to a great technology that your companies can use as an IT management tool.
With DeskGate, you can connect with your branch offices in and out of your company.

In order to control your branches from a single point, you will only make a connection at the same time and have a practical solution for managing.
IT Desk application, which had just begun in Turkey is especially preferred by large companies.
The most preferred software is in the top row as DeskGate.

If you are wondering what you can get with IT Help Desk software and how are the benefits to you, we have examined all of them for you.
What can you do with IT Help Desk remote desktop or employee monitoring software? 

What are the benefits to you? We studied all of them for you.
For companies that want to use the IT Desk, we also offer a demo account to try out our software.

In this way, companies are seeing how of software they will encounter.
After testing our products, your business life will be quite different and simple with the facilities they provide.
So you will have more time to improve your business.

PC Monitoring and User Tracking

It is difficult to control a company where too many employees work.
This is not the situation that one person can achieve.
Even if a team is formed to deal with it, the team will need to be checked.
Taking software support for this reason will be the right choice for your company.
With the IT Help Desk you can track all file operations of your existing personnel.
It is also important to provide control over which websites are entered into the computers used in your company.

Remote desktop or employee monitoring software;
You may also want to keep track of which files have been deleted and which files have been copied in order to ensure the trustworthiness of your company's information.
You can do this by remotely connecting to the IT Desk software that you can do all of these things.
The Pc monitoring software will work for you as your data security will be at its highest level.
You can also observe the performance of the entire team.

With detailed reporting, you can easily analyze your observations.
Also, thanks to the live screen monitoring feature, your staff will be more careful with the awareness that they are constantly being checked.
Careful and dedicated work of staff is always important in the growth of a company.
PC Monitoring software will provide you with great support so that you can take control of it and prevent major problems that may arise from a minor error.

Remote Connectivity and IT Help Desk Solutions

Let's say you have more than one branch office and you want to control all of them in one place.
The solution is still quite simple; IT Management Tools.

With the IT Help Desk installed on all your computers, you can control the operations that take place on the computers in all your branches office.
With Remote Connection you will also protect the hardware features of all the computers.
The IT System brings together the developing technology and all the solutions your staff and your company may need.
This creates an environment where you can easily do whatever you need.
Network Traffic, detailed inventory reports, such as normally take a lot of time with a single software process can get quickly.

Technical Support / IT Help Desk

If you want to be able to quickly get in contact with your company and produce quick solutions in any question, the IT Help Desk also offers you a great opportunity at this point.
With the help of DeskGate software, the problems can be recorded and reported.
It also offers a great application to check if your work schedule is working properly.
IT Help Desk is the biggest assistant for companies who want to get the quickest solution with more practical solutions in their own system!