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Employee Monitoring

Employee Monitoring

With the employee monitoring software checking the activities of the employee in computers within the company and seeing how much active time they spent during working hours and get report that the active working time is used correctly helps the 
company improve the budget and business processes thereby helping to distinguish between more effective employee and provide reward them according to activities.
The personnel are divided into groups and special definitions are made according to the work they do, so with the special group basis definitions are made, such as which 
group is in a business process, or which program and site should be more active.
You can get user performance reports on a daily or weekly basis after tagging the website and applications. 
Reports are kept by recording all processes such as applications and activation from employee monitoring and computer monitoring, 
websites visited, and applications where security is important, such as USB.
Working from home, the distance working model, continues to be the choice of many companies, while working from home decreases the 
cost for companies, while road and time loss is prevent for working personnel.
However, the institutions that have recently met with work from home started to see that this was an easy and stable use when they met 
DeskGate, which offers the best solution to its employees and brings advantages with its safe structure.
Knowing the expectations and concerns of institutions that work from home, DeskGate Technology continues to develop its existing solutions for 
employee monitoring, which is considered an imperative for the smooth progress of home office work. When we look at DeskGate personnel monitoring and 
computer monitoring software, it is divided into 2 different branches. One of the most beautiful solutions brought by DeskGate is that you can support by 
connecting to a remote computer as well as following the support call from any personnel, and you can support with a remote connection solution.

What does employee monitoring include?

It records important data movements such as application tracking and application times, the time and times spent on websites and entered websites,
and the recording of the time of the staff computer on and off.
These records for activity and performance reports are pivoted and detailed reported to be understood by management, management and unit managers.

How does Employee Monitoring and Remote Connection work?

Employee monitoring can be used for instant real-time remote monitoring for a certain group and periodically checked for personnel analysis without
interfering with the workflow of the user during this working time.During the remote connection, during the support of the manager or the assigned
manager of the unit of the employee, the registration is made in 2 ways. One way is the transfer from PC to PC, such as connection time and file transfer second  way is recorded as video. 
All remote connections made are first checked with RSA and then encrypted with AES 256 bits.

Employee Activity Logs and Blocking

In the employee staff computers, web-based url addresses can be blocking, as well as word-based blocking. USB blocking can be prohibited up to 
USB a-z and certain USB can be given full authority with a special USB definition. With the video recording feature, you can use the staff working on suspicious something to 
fully record and monitor the computer.

How to work from home with DeskGate Employee Monitoring?

DeskGate server software can be installed on a central server. Regardless of  location, you can record computers that work as if they are on the same network, without requiring 
vpn, as long as a few ports are allowed from the modem and firewall.


Client computers need any setting? No

How often is data flowing from the remote computer?
The data stream is activated when the user does not take any action when it enters the Internet, so that it is sent in the background without being affected by the user internet.

How to connect to the remote staff PC when remote connection is made?
You can establish a direct connection from the administrative interface without making any settings, even if the connection is made inside or outside, the central server comes 
first and connection flow is provided over it.

DeskGate Employee Monitoring Trial Version and Purchase

The duration of the trial is 7 days on average, some features off for safety reasons, and the main purpose of the demo product is to have a detailed and traceable information 
about the product and to decide before purchasing.
The purchased product is delivered with a 1 year lease model and reasonable support and updates are made by DeskGate during this period. The products purchased 
cannot be returned due to their nature, so the firm must have clearly examined the product and decided upon it before purchasing.

Is there a difference for Institutions and Universities?

The licensing model of the personnel monitoring software is the same for institutions and universities. As DeskGate Technology, we offer special discounts or 
campaigns to support institutions and universities.
Is it legal to monitor the employee computer?
If the user employee computer belongs to your company and you have a document that it has been delivered to the personnel, and in the personnel employment 
contract, an explanatory phrase such as "this computer belongs to our company and it is logged for registration for security reasons" should be present.