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We are living in a digital world and many of our data are kept on computers.
So the security of this computer is vital.

When we look at the data in a computer;

 you can see in detail the interests of the user, what jobs he is engaged in, with whom he meets and many other statistical data.
You can do this now with employee tracking software.
Many websites use a data file called a cookie to learn about visitor habits.
Thanks to this file, it can learn some statistical data and determine the working structures according to that data.
Actually it is a visitor tracking model. 
Employee tracking software means that a computer can be monitored instantly and much faster.
With this program, all activities on the computer can be monitored and intervention can be included in the same time.
Even if it seems to be used mostly for employee tracking, it can also be used as a communication with the  remote connection.

Where Does Hidden Mode Monitoring Software Benefit?

That software can be used in 
-Computers used in companies (for the purpose of recording the working performance of the personnel and keeping company data safe)
-For computers that require technical support (It can be used for customers who will be supported by remote connection.)
It would be very useful to install employee tracking software to fully control the computer usage of your staff.
You can extend this benefit to from increasing personnel productivity to the security of company commercial information.

Get Incredible Statistics for Your Business with Employee Tracking Software

Every business has goals and assigns tasks to its staff in line with these goals.
In the office, most of these jobs are performed on the computer.
However, you know that the computers in today are also used like a personal computer.
We know that employees chat online, play games and spend time on social media.
Business owners also strive to minimize this situation.
At this point, Employee Tracking Software helps them with data and solutions.
There will be very important information you will get with a small program that is installed.
You can instantly record and monitor all activities on the computer.

On the staff's computer;

  1. -At what time the computer was turned on / off,
  2. -Which applications were run / closed in which time period,
  3. -Which websites were visited, in which time period,
  4. -In which time private stuff was done on the computer
  5. -What has been done from the keyboard, what has been copied,
  6. -What was transferred to the USB memory or what data was transferred to the computer from there,

You can access information such as. When these data are examined one by one, they tell many things.
You will have a lot of information from the work discipline of the staff to how efficiently the working time is used.
The correct use of this information means an increase in the working performance of the personnel and the business.
Depending on the employee tracking software results you will obtain, you can make radical changes in the working structure of the business.
It is a fact that these changes will often result in positives.
Because employee tracking software helps you make the best decisions by giving the information you need in