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Website Blocking

Website Blocking

Web blocking, the Internet is an extremely useful tool when used correctly. 
However, sometimes due to the misuse of individuals and sometimes due to the content added to the websites, this situation can turn into the opposite. 
Safe browsing has become one of the most frequently mentioned topics recently. 
One of the most important ways to ensure this is to block harmful websites. 
There are many methods that can be used to block the website. 
Thanks to any of these methods, it is possible to block websites that are thought to contain unwanted and harmful content. 
It is not possible to log in later on the internet network where the blocking was performed. 
It is not possible to view blocked websites, and the access to the computer of any extension or content on these sites is also completely removed. 

Who Needs Website Blocking?

The need to block websites is increasing nowadays. 
The main reason for this is that the Internet is becoming more common, but also more uncontrollable. 
The easiest way to protect from the harmful effects of the Internet is to block websites with unwanted content. 

It is possible to list some people and groups that should be blocked as follows:

Companies use this method to secure the valuable data they have stored on their computers. 
Sites with malicious extensions or content can gain access to company computers and capture valuable documents. 
This is a situation that may cause both financial and legal losses for companies.
Parents also resort to the website blocking method to protect their children from unwanted content on the computers they use. 
This method is used to prevent children from accessing adult content or the harmful effects of sites that contain content that may leave negative impacts on children's mental health.
Educational institutions have an important place among the areas where websites need to be blocked. 
Web sites are also restricted in order to prevent the use of computers in schools and classrooms for non-educational purposes and to prevent students from wasting time.

Can sites blocked by VPN or other methods be accessed?

In today's world, the Internet has turned into a conflict zone where good and evil are in competition. 
It is possible to prevent harmful sites in the internet world, which is constantly developing and incorporating new methods and applications as it develops. 
However, after the website is blocked, some methods are also provided by the internet to restore access to these sites. 
All of the methods used are made possible by disabling real data. 
It is possible to access banned sites by using VPN, changing computer IP or installing different add-ons on internet browsers. 
However, this is an extremely dangerous situation. 
When disabled sites are accessed using any of these ways, the computer becomes extremely unprotected in terms of security. 
There are also some measures that can be taken to overcome these methods that invite external interventions and data piracy.

The Most Effective Method to Combat Harmful Websites

The need to combat malicious websites is increasing day by day. 
The way to fight this is by blocking malicious websites. 
The easiest method to use for this job is computer activity tracking software from DeskGate. 
Using this app instead of using a software or app that only blocks websites allows many different actions other than website blocking. 
With DeskGate computer monitoring software, not only websites are blocked; It becomes impossible to access these sites later using VPN or other methods. 
It can be determined whether the blocked sites are entered using VPN on the computer, thanks to the possibilities such as getting reports about which programs are used on the computer throughout the day, watching the keyboard movements or watching the screen changes in the video. 
You can contact DeskGate and place an order to get this software that enables internet users to navigate the dark streets of the internet safely. 
You can also contact DeskGate from the free contact line and get more information about the details you have in mind.