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PC Monitoring System

PC Monitoring System

PC monitoring system the security of computers and personnel performance is vital for any business, small or large. 
Therefore, a PC monitoring system is widely used. 
Nowadays, where home working models are preferred for various reasons, considering that the personnel does all their work on company computers, monitoring activity in this area has become a necessity. 
Because it is not possible to measure the performance of the personnel without monitoring any activity, nor can one be sure that the company data is safe. 
In this case, resources that can make detailed analyses are of course needed.
PC monitoring software is not only monitoring infrastructures. 
These systems also have an authorization, revocation, limitation, and reporting components. For example DeskGate; offers you extremely comprehensive reporting tools, which is why the software is more than a monitoring system, it is an analysis and monitoring infrastructure, that is, a performance measurement system for companies.
In addition, the recording features of the system offer you the opportunity to obtain evidence in case of any negativity.

How does the PC monitoring system work?

The system runs on the software installed in place. 
It is not possible to be monitored by third parties, which is point-to-point encrypted. Communication activity is completely confidential, as all data is protected by high-security principles.
The PC monitoring system is monitored on the panel with a possible code to be monitored. 
Server and applications running forms of these applications are also in question. 

In such applications, the server, the monitored computer, and the therapy, that is, the following comment code is required. 
In the system we offer, we enable the viewer to access reports by sending any code. Likewise, the panel can be used for remote broadcast and IT applications.
Monitor installed infrastructure; It constantly monitors and records continuously. 
The information that is classified for reporting the application is regularly analyzed by the application and converted into the analysis. 
You decide what to watch and which reports you will receive. 
The PC monitoring system we offer allows you to monitor all the materials on the monitored machine. 

The main activities you can watch;

  • Recorded and deleted data
  • Data wrote and deleted after being written
  • Pumping on files
  • Data uploaded and copied via USB and similar tools
  • File files and applications over the Internet
  • All internet traffic
  • Customer relationship
  • Usage and usage times of apps
  • Watch live events
  • It is listed as.
In addition to being able to follow the application, it gives you the ability to directly intervene. You can authorize, remove, or limit users. 
You can restrict internet traffic or block all activity.

Why is the Monitoring System Necessary?

PC monitoring system; it is a primary deterrent. 
The abuse is minimal as users know that the PC is monitored and can be reported. The deterrent max effect, which is the security usage guideline, is of course the most useful feature for this type of software. 
Of course, this software storage data allows you to access evidence in case of possible negativity.
Commercial information, legal information, and financial information of your company must be opened, and it may be possible to prevent them from falling into other hands with the involvement of personnel. 
Also, monitoring of personnel performance is extremely important. 
You can continue as the task is described.
It provides the opportunity to obtain concrete data in case of possible negativities and agreements that the personnel works as specified by the instructions and the appropriate software, size, and agreement related tools.

Is Monitoring System Legal?

It is illegal to monitor computers, phones, and similar devices belonging to normal second parties. 
However, corporate computers are not personal tools. 
For this reason, it is not possible to be illegal in tracking these tools. There is even a standard across the board that this will happen. 
Nowadays, all companies and public institutions that want sensitive and personalized systems.
There is no obstacle in this system where computers belong and branded. 
For your company, you can now make your ongoing business safe and stable with remote working or office working models. 
For this, it will be enough to get DeskGate immediately. If you wish, you can review the demo panel or review whatever you want when you are tested.