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Company Computer Usage Policy

Company Computer Usage Policy

Computers usage policy used in companies; Although it is not a completely declared policy for corporate service, they are tools that can only be used for business. 
However, despite this, companies are required to declare their monitoring activities to their staff and obtain a letter of undertaking for this. 
For this reason, the company's computer usage policy should be developed and it should be declared to the personnel that the software they are using can be monitored instantly or retrospectively, and the data obtained will be considered as evidence.
Although the misuse of company computers is a defect, personnel should be aware of the monitoring conditions. 
For this reason, these policies must be developed by legal experts and accepted as wet-signed. 
After the personnel accepts this commitment, the employer will be able to use the monitoring and reporting of all details specified in the commitment as evidence before the law. 
The personnel can't accept the usage policies of the company's computer. 
The company has the right to provide the computer to personnel only for certain purposes.

How Are Policies Determined?

In general, while the company determines usage rules, companies can set rules suitable for their own business. 
The critical thing here is that it has been declared to the staff that they are being monitored. First of all, to be able to monitor and make it the basic first. 
What conditions exist can be written into the content of this acceptance.
Of course, the company's computer usage policy cannot be against the type of work, the job description cannot impose the duties and responsibilities of the personnel. 
Here in the summer, under the title and in the classroom, to show in which class the business class cannot be done. 
The responsibilities of the staff should be declared in detail.

Personal Data Protection Law and Personnel Tracking

Actions that take place during working hours, in the workplace, and during the use of workplace vehicles are not personal. 
With a more accurate expression, work, and transactions related to the job are not considered personal. 
Once the personal company has adopted the computer usage habit, it cannot perform any personal action on this computer. 
If it does, these actions are considered defects and can be evaluated.
Also, everything that the person does about the work can be tracked, and again it is not personal data. 
Anyway, the workplace does not track personal vehicles. 
The vehicles to be monitored are only company-owned computers. 
Since these personal actions are not involved, there will be no problems.

What happens if company usage rules are violated?

Businesses have the right to tour and organize all their business and operations. 
It is binding on all others to learn about, while not contrary to labor law and human rights law. Violation of the policies of companies' information technology tools is likewise a flaw. 

Depending on the circumstances of the violation, the employer may have the right to impose sanctions on the employee up to dismissal.
For example; malicious intent of policies, leakage of company data, negligence of the business, resulting in the solvent without compensation from the job. 
Moreover, in this case, investigations may be involved in some places, and companies using the software can be used as sufficient evidence that they obtained from this software.
Likewise, in case of minor disruptions and misconduct in the workflow, the workplace administration sanctions (warning, etc.) within the authority and group of the company managers. 
If the negativities continue, there may be heavy sanctions for the data obtained from this software.

How to Prepare Policies?

While preparing policy declarations with the use of computers and similar information technology tools of companies, they can use ready-made texts in order not to omit certain issues. 
Information Security Policy and the usage policies of the Tools are presented in print form in open sources. 
Using this applause, you can create a scope and get specific information about your company that may come with you. 
You will not use provisions that are against the labor law and you will create a text that has a legal basis.
Regardless, support from lawyers will be helpful when preparing the policy document. 
This is the only way to create policies that comply with changing laws and fully meet your needs.
Companies that want to use DeskGate can be fully prepared by preparing this policy document and data security policy document. 
This is important to benefit from all the advantages of computer monitoring software and to use it as evidence if necessary. 
We provide our users with software that will meet the needs of our users with the highest standards and with all the details, in this case, general information to you like these days. 
You can get more detailed information by sending a message with us and you can start using the software immediately.