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Website Blocking

Website Blocking

Data traffic is a serious problem with corporate computers. 
Personnel spending time on websites and damaging the workflow is defined as a common problem all over the world. 
Although some business owners want to physically track their staff, this is often not possible. 
Because no employer can look at what the staff is doing for the whole time. 
In this case, we encounter the fact that there is a need for website blocking. 
Although none of the staff is in this tendency with bad intentions, we must also face the fact that a corridor like the Internet will absorb us all.
DeskGate, which can monitor personnel and system, offers you highly advanced tools at this point. 
You can put different authorizations and restrictions on each user with this software, where you can control the data traffic completely, not just site blocking.

How to Block URLs?

URL; is the address of the website. 
URL Blocking and website restriction mean the same. 
With DeskGate Computer monitoring software, you can block URL-based; You can also block with words. 
By entering the words in the site into the system, you can block access to the sites that contain that content. 
You can even make the computer where the system is installed can only access the sites you allow. 
This method is an effective method used in corporate companies, public institutions, and other businesses that prefer it, and is only one component of the DeskGate monitoring software. 
Also, the system has many advantages, which are the advantages that enable the company to use information technologies more effectively.

Can Blocking Be Done Without DeskGate System Monitoring?

You can manually manage which websites computers access. 
However, as this will require physical intervention for every computer, the settings of these computers cannot be changed. 
In other words, the user can enter the websites you block in different ways. 
DeskGate does this by blocking the computer's final ports and cannot be intervened in any way.
It would be correct to simply say that blocking a website from browsers or system settings is almost impossible. 
In addition to providing this, DeskGate also reports the user's attempts to circumvent this. 
So you can do the staff who made this attempt.
For businesses that use time well
Desk Gate offers not only website blocking solutions for your company but also a completely effective solution for your company; sites allow you to monitor login traffic. 
In this way, you can monitor the entire activity of the personnel on the computer.
Let's not forget that staff does not just spend time on websites. 
Time can be wasted with games, applications, and other computer components. 
In this case, the time that should be overtime may be completely wasted. 
Watching this will of course allow you to intervene in the process. 
Moreover, the personnel working on monitored computers do not make these attempts anyway.
You can now access Desk Gate, which offers much more than blocking a website so that your workflow continues in the best way and your staff can reach their peak performance.

Upgrade to Secure Company Computers

You can block websites on computers with DeskGate installed. Besides;

  1. Which apps are used how much
  2. Active usage time of the computer
  3. What is written on which screen
  4. Which files have been uploaded
  5. Which files have been deleted
  6. Which vehicle connected to the computer and transferred data
  7. Which sites the user visited and how much time he spent
  8. Email traffic
  9. Other communication traffic
You can report it retrospectively and watch it instantly. 
Administrators can enter the computer that the user is using secretly and monitor what is done instantly.
As can be seen here, controlling the computer with this software offers much more than blocking. 
The security of data and ensuring that the personnel work in the most appropriate way is possible with this software.

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Start using the software with its trial version now, so you can monitor and control what your staff is doing on company computers. 
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