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Employee Monitoring

Employee Monitoring

Why Employers Want to Track Their Employees Activities

In companies that do not have any restrictions on computer use, employees often use the company's computers for their personal situations, and often these computers may not have visible blocking and monitoring. 
As company computers are used by employees, employers want to access their daily activities with employee monitoring
Institutions and Organizations usually want to know what their employees are doing on the computer. 
Therefore, they use employee monitoring that allows them to monitor their employees and to monitor what they do during the day.


Working Structure of Employee Monitoring

Companies turning to business tracking and control will be able to monitor user screens in real time with  employee tracking software
The most frequently mentioned program with personnel tracking software is the Employee Activity Tracking and Performance Evaluation software of DeskGate Technology
With this software, it allows you to view the websites entered, the programs used, keyboard correspondence, USB logs in detail. 
It helps employees to increase their productivity and active working time with its website and application block feature. 
You can connect to computers remotely whenever you want, intervene in employee errors instantly and respond faster to technical support requests. 
Thus, with the personnel monitoring software, it becomes able to digitalize the manager-personnel relationship like in a physical office. 
From the management panel included in the employee tracking software, you can see how much time they spent on the website or programs related to the work, and to determine the entry-exit times with the computer on-off times reports.
 It is possible to analyze active working hours on a minute basis. 
The main purpose here is to base the control mechanisms of managers on correct foundations.

Monitor Your Employees with Efficiency and Inefficiency Reports

Today, the goal of most companies is to find methods to increase productivity. 
You can use DeskGate Employee Monitoring and Performance Evaluation software to control productivity and determine your best performing employees. 
In this way, you can control the daily work that your employees should complete, how long they complete, what they need, the most efficient working times and you can make evaluations accordingly.

Share Task by Assigning Managers to Groups

When there are multiple departments within the company, it becomes more difficult to control. 
However, with DeskGate Employee Monitoring software, you can assign managers to all departments of your company by creating a group from the admin panel. 
You can analyze working times weekly, monthly and annually for both home office and office workers. 
You can view a more detailed report on the working time and behavior of manager or department-based groups and also monitor them in real time. 
In this way, an easier method is realized by keeping everything under control, sharing the tasks and eliminating the complexity of the works.

Take Company Security to Higher Levels

Companies want to track internal performance, avoid legal liability, protect trade secrets, and control other security concerns. 
Many businesses use various methods to ensure safety.

With the DeskGate Personnel Activity Tracking Software;

  • It reports the websites entered in detail. Detailed reports can be simplified if wanted.
  • It records file activities such as creating, deleting, renaming.
  • You can block all USB ports on the computer or allow a specific USB device with its serial number.
  • It records which articles were copied during the copy and paste process. It records all the correspondence of the users on the keyboard and where they type.
  • Websites that are not wanted to be entered can be blocked based on word or url.
    If desired, only specified websites can be allowed to enter.
  • It automatically backs up private files against bad scenarios at specified times.

Protect Your Data

Data has become one of the most important issues today, which is called the information age.
The protection of data, which has strategic importance especially for companies, is also a special case. 
There are even businesses that have a unit assigned for the data protection process. 
There are some methods used both to prevent company information from being seized by outside intervention and to prevent information leakage from inside. 
With the technical changes and developments, it has become possible to protect data from both internal and external threats.

Private companies are not the only area in need of data protection. 
There is a need to protect the data obtained in many different places such as educational institutions, public institutions, military units and hospital laboratories. 
It is possible to become disadvantageous in the competition or to be completely eliminated because of events of data being captured by competitors or leaked to the market. 
This means both material and moral losses for the company. 

Therefore, valuable data protection is one of the most important issues for companies and institutions. 
Increasing digitalization made it necessary to store data in digital environments. This situation has created some disadvantages besides its advantages. 
In cases where sufficient measures are not taken for digitally stored data, data leakage problems may be encountered.

Measures That Can Be Taken To Protect Data

Measures to be taken to protect valuable data have become an issue that needs to be more important today. 
In the past, only physically existing data was protected, but today it has become more difficult to protect data in the digital world. 
Therefore, all computers and digital terminals in the company or institution must be kept under control and monitored. 
There are many software that have been developed in order to carry out these tracking operations. 
However, not all existing software can be equally efficient. 
It is very important that the software that will be preferred for the protection of valuable data should be selected well and fulfill all functions. 
One of the biggest advantages of the software owned by DeskGate Technology in terms of data protection is that it allows the computer screens to be monitored both instantly and by taking video recording.In this way, it can monitor the computers used by the employees and prevent data transfer to the outside. 
Another feature of this software is that it can monitor the spent time in the applications on the computer and the visited websites and activities.
One of the features of DeskGate Software for data protection is that all keyboard movements can be tracked. 
For this, all correspondence of the users is reported daily in detail. In this way, every letter and every word typed with the keyboard on the computer can be easily recorded. 
There are some features of this software against the data being taken out of the company via USB. 
The USB devices used in computers and which copy operations are made on these devices can also be recorded and examined by DeskGate Software.

Real Time Employee Monitoring

In addition to recording the daily screens of the computers, the computer live screen monitoring method can also be used to monitor the computer usage patterns of the users and to ensure data security.
With this method, it enables all movements and activities made instantly on computer screens to be displayed. 
Some of the software that allow the real time monitoring of computer screens also provide the connection for remote desktop and opportunity to intervene on computers. 
This provides the convenience of immediate intervention in case of an unwanted operation from the computers. 
With the real time screen monitoring, it is possible to ensure more efficient use of company computers by employees and to take more effective measures against possible data loss or data leakage.


Is Computer Monitoring Legal?

One of the most curious issues for the companies that will monitor the screens of the employees computer live or record the screen is whether this monitoring process is legal. 
It is also a curious matter whether the principle of privacy of private life, which has been on the agenda recently, does not cover these monitoring. 
The main determinant in this matter is the distinction between personal and company inventory. 
These programs cannot be installed and tracked on personal computers, but it is legal to use this software for personnel using company computers. 
Because computers are also owned by the company. 
So, just as a company owner can check other materials or tools in his business and get information about their status, it is possible to do this about computers. In addition, only business-related operations are required on company computers, so it is not true for users to keep any private files or data on these computers. 
If the employee using the computer is doing personal transactions on the company computers and this is also obsessed with monitoring, it is not possible to claim any rights about that. 
The use of personal computers may be what makes Employee Monitoring Software programs unlawful.
The biggest advantage of DeskGate monitoring software is that it allows both live monitoring and recording all day activities.
It is also possible to monitor more than one computer at the same time with the multi-screen monitoring option in the admin panel.
DeskGate starts the recording process from the moment employees turn on the computers and continues until the shutdown. 
In the meantime, all transactions can be monitored from the admin panel and reports are transferred to the web panel. In addition, this software also has the option of intervening on the screen at any time and stopping the process. 
This is an important measure for situations that threaten security and privacy. If you want to have DeskGate Employee Monitoring Software, you can contact the company directly or create an order on the website.

Helpdesk Management

Today, all activities in businesses are carried out on computers.
 However, some problems may occur during the use of computers and these problems must be resolved by the IT department. 
Delays in resolving problems and situations such as business disruption may also occur. 
Therefore, it has become important to be able to solve computer problems quickly. 
When any problem is encountered on company computers, which are the responsibility of the users, the support request management process starts and a solution is looked for  to eliminate the problem. 
In the first stage of this process, employees send a support request to the main computer or their manager via the software on their computers. 
Following the support request, two ways are followed to reach a solution. 

The first is that the technical teams help the solution to the problem through messaging with the employees. 
The user tries to solve the problem by following the directions he received from the IT teams. However, if this is not enough, the administrator can solve the problem by providing direct access to the computer. 
It has become a frequently used method recently to eliminate problems by intervening in computers with remote connections. 

It is a system that benefits both employees and employers. 
When the support request management process is done in classical ways, it can cause a waste of time. 
The implementation of the request process in the company, bringing an expert for the computer or moving the computer to another location cause the solution process to become long and complex. 
With the helpdesk system, problems are easily solved instantly.


Solve Problems with DeskGate Remote Connection

Among the software that provides remote connection services to computers, the remote connection and support request management software made by DeskGate is in a privileged position. 
What brings it to this privileged position is the provision of support services for customer satisfaction and the development of the product. 
Providing full access on computers, DeskGate can simultaneously perform many functions such as filtering, blocking, authorization, grouping, live screen monitoring, as well as remote connection support. 
In this respect, DeskGate, which is one of the rare software in its field, is also at the forefront with its easy interface and practical use. In addition, DeskGate helps its customers to use the software efficiently by providing support both before and after.

Keyboard Correspondence Recorded

There are many methods used to ensure the security of computers used in companies, institutions, educational institutions, computers used in the home area and many other areas. 
Keyboard correspondence recording is one of the most widely used and effective methods recently. 
In this method, all touches made on the keyboard connected to the computer are turned into a report.

Why  Needs to Record Keyboard Correspondence?

Keyboard correspondence are based on the purpose of analyzing and following the movements of users on computers, on the basis of the need for recording. However, this process is not a process that every person can do. 
It is possible to list the reasons why the keyboard movements need to be recorded in a few items.

  • It creates the need to control keyboard activities in companies to determine whether the computers used for the completion of business processes are used for different purposes.
  • These programs are also used in order to prevent the data on company computers from being transferred outside the company via e-mail or other communication tools.

It has become increasingly common to take control of keyboard correspondence. Productivity is increased by receiving keyboard correspondence that prevents the employees from using the company computers out of purpose. 
It also ensures that valuable data contained in company computers and computers can be safely stored.

Application and URL Blocking System

With the increase in computer and internet usage, the number of websites and applications has also increased. 
These websites and applications make life easier when used in a useful way. 

However, it has been a matter of curiosity for employers whether it is used correctly. 

Employees' access to unwanted websites and use of non-business applications can cause their work efficiency to decrease. 
But worse than that is that the malicious programs used and the malicious websites accessed threaten data on computers. 
In order to prevent this situation, which may lead to the interception of company data through external access to computers, interest in program and URL blocking methods has increased enormously. 
DeskGate Employee Monitoring software, which provides full access authorization on computers, enables computers to be controlled, monitored and intervened when necessary.

Why Should We Choose DeskGate ?

The DeskGate program, which provides full control over computers and thus enables both monitoring and intervention, can be preferred in corporate and public spaces. 
It is possible to create safer and more efficient computer usage experiences with the DeskGate program, which also provides after-sales support services with convenient and secure payment options. 

After the software is sold DeskGate provides after-sales support to customers. In this way, the installation and use of the software becomes easier. 
If you want to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the software offered by DeskGate and take your company one step further, you can call the DeskGate free support line for information about that software you are curious about.