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Computer Activity Tracking

Computer Activity Tracking

The actions performed by users on computers activity tracking, of course, bind the people concerned. 
However, actions taken with company computers on corporate networks may be a great risk for companies, let alone their binding. 
Confidentiality of commercial data; is a legal right. Businesses have the right to preserve all their archives, and some or all of this data may have to be opened to the personnel. 
In this case, it should be ensured that the relevant personnel do not leak the data, and in case of any negativity, activity should be detected. 
Computer activity tracking application is primarily developed for this purpose and is a vital software for companies.
Of course, this software is not used only for this purpose. 
Activity tracking can be done for all machines in corporate networks, which can also be for homes. 
The software can be used for many different purposes, from monitoring the internet activity of underage children to monitoring staff working at home.
Of course, in order for this software to be used in offices, the monitored devices must be task-related and institutional devices, not personal devices.

How to Monitor Computer Activity?

A server software is installed on the device to be monitored for computer monitoring. 
This software; In addition to monitoring all their activities, it also allows the client to log into the system personally.
Normal network protocols are impenetrable, normal network protocols must be. 
In addition, even if it is exceeded, it will not be possible to track what has been done in the past, only the situation will be monitored.
The DeskGate software, which monitors the activity, is monitored in the message from the moment the problem is installed until you delete it from the competition. 
All movements on the device are instantly recorded and stored in high-security folders. 
Just like no one else is authorized to access these data except you, the computer user cannot access these files or break the monitoring software.
As a result, a return to the past with its remnant when it transforms.

What is the Compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law?

The devices used by the personnel in the workplaces and that can be used for business purposes are not devices. 
Universally, telephones, computers and all other equipment are used for business purposes in the workplace. 
The workplace can provide and record these devices. For this reason, there is no legal obstacle to the monitoring and recording of personal data on these Personal Transmitter devices.
Monitoring personnel performance is likewise an action that has a legal basis. It can realize all performance and make use of technology applications while making this evaluation. 
As a result, computer activity tracking applications are completely legal.

What Can Be Done With DeskGate Tracking?

With computer activity tracking software in DeskGate;
Monitor the device instantly
Past events
You can change user privileges or turn off the system
For all content, including deleted and files
Monitoring all communications such as mail, voicemail, and telephone connection
In short, with this software, you can watch the device as if you are using it, and you can also watch past content beyond that.

Is Activity Tracking Required?

Of course, there is no legal requirement for monitoring events. 
However, in the event of any adversity, it will be in another negativity, such as finding the culprit, proving that the individual does not fit elsewhere. 
Obtained from machines where DeskGate is installed can be legally proven. In this respect, this software is extremely effective in order not to lose your legal rights.
In addition, as in all security products, deterrence is the primary purpose in computer monitoring applications. 
Personal or malicious third parties do not do any negative activity on the machines where this software is installed. If they are found, the person can be detected within seconds.
In addition, it is extremely beneficial for the personnel to know the effectiveness of their performance and effectiveness, in order not to damage the workflow. 
It ensures that a control mechanism is necessarily created and that is how an auto control makes the time filling.

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