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Computer Activity Monitoring Software

Computer Activity Monitoring Software

Monitor the use of computers at work and at home; 
sometimes it can turn into a serious need. 
Especially for the protection of private and confidential data in workplaces and monitoring the activity of natural personnel, computer activity monitoring software is among the most frequently sought products.
Activity tracking; While in the past it was only used in the form of internet traffic monitoring, nowadays all details of the device can be monitored remotely thanks to the new software developed today. It is not even necessary to do this over a local network. 
Thanks to the authorities that the software you will use will provide you, you can connect to the relevant device or devices from anywhere in the world and follow up the activities. 
To do this, all you need to do is to have the Staff Activity Tracking Monitoring & Performance Evaluation software offered by DeskGate. The easily installed software offers you detailed monitoring and analysis.

How to Monitor Device Activity?

Computer activity monitoring software provided by DeskGate; installed on all devices on a network. 
This part of the software monitors and records the activities of the device locally. 
The user of the device cannot interfere with this software and cannot access the data in it. Of course, these activities cannot be accessed by third parties who do not have a connection authorized by DeskGate. 
This data can only be obtained by the part of the application that makes the connection, ie the client.
Client; After installing the application on any computer, it connects to the server, that is, to the monitored computer, using the username and password. 
Since this connection is a completely encrypted connection type, it cannot be monitored by third parties.
Under high security conditions, the client can monitor recorded activity or instant activity on the server device. 
In addition, it can be easily analyzed and reported whether the staff fulfills the assigned duties and whether they use the system in accordance with the rules.

Is System Monitoring Legal?

Businesses have the authority to monitor their own computers. 
If the activities of the computers used in the offices are limited in terms of private use, the enterprise can monitor whether the operation is carried out in accordance with this rule. 
Even the efficiency and performance data obtained here can be used as a legal basis in terms of personnel transactions. 
Computer activity monitoring software is used almost everywhere in the world, when special communication conditions are required or on demand. This is a standard even in public institutions and corporate companies.
Personal data protection law does not cover activities on corporate devices. 

As a rule, staff; 
cannot communicate personally on the computer belonging to the company and cannot continue their individual activities on this computer. 
If this provision is adopted as a policy in your institution, there is no obstacle in using computer monitoring software, you can use DeskGate safely
To make it a protocol, it will be enough to declare it to users.

Any Computer Can Be Tracked?

Of course. It is possible to monitor any computer where you have installed server software. 
At this point, it should be said that the application can be used not only for commercial purposes but also for domestic needs. 
For example; The software is extremely convenient for parents to monitor whether their children are using information technology safely.
What activities does computer activity monitoring software monitor?
In fact, it is possible to monitor all activities on the computer with this application. In the reporting dimension, it is possible to access the details presented in the following articles.

  • Device usage time
  • Software used
  • Software usage period and period
  • Files uploaded, copied and deleted
  • All internet traffic (including mail, messages, etc.)
In addition to these, DeskGate also offers hardware that you can manage remotely, such as if you use that computer.

Why is Activity Tracking Important?

It is extremely important for companies to protect their private data. In order to detect any leakage in documents, it is necessary to be able to learn what activities users have on the computer. 
If you do not have a tracking software, it is almost impossible to detect it. 
However, if you use computer activity monitoring software, you can monitor all the actions from moment to moment, which can be considered as a deterrent against any negativity.
In addition, of course, monitoring is extremely important to monitor the effective working status of the personnel. 
This software can be used for performance monitoring, especially in order to understand how carefully the personnel working from home are performing their duties or not, and it provides extremely useful results.
Take action now to have DeskGate Activity Tracking & Performance Evaluation software for your workplace or home use now. 
You can get the software now under the most favorable conditions and continue to work safely and systematically.