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What Is Remote Desktop Manager?

What Is Remote Desktop Manager?

The remote desktop manager is a modern and unique feature that gives you a remote access to any computer around the world, regardless of the distance. 

With a remote desktop access, distance is no more a barrier for effective running of your business.

What you can do with Remote Desktop Manager

If you are on a vacation, sick or out of the city, you can still get your usual paperwork down as scheduled.

With a remote desktop manager, you can access your main computer in work and get the files downloaded, manipulated, and transferred on any other computer as you’d do in your office with the main computer.

More so, you can chat and respond to messages via the PC remote system.

How to connect

Remote desktop manager allows you to manage your remote server connections from a single interface. 

Before you can connect to another computer, you have to put both computers on the same connection. 

To confirm this, enter the server name or IP address into the connecting space.

If the details you enter tallies with that of the host computer, the client computer can now connect successfully and you can now carry out all activities  using the client computer. 

Practically, you can carry out all activities on the client computer as if you are in front of the host PC.

Aside from this, the remote desktop manager allows you to monitor all connections, thus preventing any unauthorized or malicious attempts that can harm the client or host’s computer and information.

Remote Desktop Manager also becomes handy when you need a team to work on a project. 

This service allows you to bring everyone together at once regardless of the distance. 

So, forget long distance meetings, phone discussions, and conference meetings. 

You and other workers can discuss remotely and still have the work done efficiently.

Safety precautions

The security of your files and data is very important, especially for big organizations. 

Therefore, it would be wise to first find out if your computer (host) and the one you will be using (client) have a top-line security.

How to get started

The remote desktop manager software is inexpensive in most cases. 

In fact, DeskGate offers desktop software which you can use to test-run the efficiency of the software before you eventually purchase the premium version. 

Generally, the price is always worth it if you consider the convenience the software brings. 

The software makes it much easier to move and transfer files and documents from computer to computer securely.


Remote desktop manager brings serious convenience to your everyday life.

If you own a business or you head a particular unit, you should consider purchasing this software.

It allows you and your co-workers to access the same file and programs, work on them, and complete general tasks even at different locations.

DeskGate Remote Access

DeskGate offers a simplified and secured remote desktop access to individuals and group of individuals who seek to take their business/organization to another level. 

Our software is safe, secure, and reliable. 

With the DeskGate remote connection feature, you can also provide fast and secure support to non-customer users. 

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