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Remote Desktop - Access Your Computers From Afar

Remote Desktop - Access Your Computers From Afar

Computers From Afar

If you have different computers in different locations, such as a PC in your office, a desktop at home, and a laptop that you keep with you, a Remote Desktop Access can be a valuable asset for you. 

The major function of the remote desktop software is to allow you a remote access to your major computer with another computer from afar.

This means that you can gain an access to your office computer while you are at home and vice versa.
More so, this connection does not only allow you to access the host computer, it also allows to you transfer files, access information, and manipulate data as if you are sitting right in front of the host computer.

The remote desktop software gives you the opportunity to work remotely using a remote connection to access the computer in your office. 

You only need to connect the client computer with the host computer and you will have access to the computer screen in real life.
Any mouse movement or button clicks are transmitted to that host computer. 

This allows you to manipulate, modify, and submit data as if you are sitting in front of the computer. 

Hence, if you have multiple computers and want to effortlessly work from any of it at the location, remote desktop software is definitely what you need.

Perform all computer tasks remotely

There is no reason why you can’t carry out your computer tasks remotely, such as your administrative tasks, configuration tasks, customer relationship tasks, support tasks, troubleshooting tasks, and other computer-related tasks you do on a daily basis.
Another vital benefit of desktop remote control is that diagnostics and engineers can use a remote connection to access your computer and identify any technical problem when you cannot take the computer to them for physical inspection. 

If you have a trusted technical support and a remote control access, you can carry out major computer repairs easily and effortlessly.
Some remote desktop software programs allow you to share the remote access with other people while
others allow for only a single session per PC.

For the former, many people can connect to a single
computer and work simultaneously even when the host computer is active.

The latter, however, does not allow other users to connect when the host computer is active.

Your choice will depend on your priority and the nature of your work.

DeskGate Remote Desktop Software

DeskGate RD software provides mission-critical, fast and encrypted remote connectivity for maximum data security. 

With this connectivity, your computer can be connected securely with Internet access anywhere, can see user transactions and even control the computer as if it were at your desk. 

You can transfer files on demand. 

The data processing department can run the batch inventory file on any computer it wants.

If you are working with multiple computers at your place of work, DeskGate Remove Computer Software is what you need.