Staff monitoring
Data theft
Record the daily activities of the staff and report retroactively.

Give support instantly with the remote support feature
Take advanced security precautions against data theft.
Reach the detailed reports about the activities of your staff.

Institutions, Companies and Branches
It has many developed features including detailed reporting of the important things such as; data theft, remote connection, Support and Trade Management, Staff Monitoring, Multiple screen displaying, "Web, Program, USB, correspondence, Activities, Performance, Inventory" blocking and banning.

It is the choice of every institution such as, private firms, banks, foundations army and state agencies who want to keep their security at the highest level. DeskGate gives you full authority on the computers..

Manage many branches from one center.

Home user
Wherever you are in the world, you can easly connect to your computer in the house or office and do whatever you want.

Do you want to open a new registration now ?
You can use DeskGate Cloud for a short time. You can start using the features such as, remote connection, remote support and ınventory information right now.
Manage more than one computer simultaneously with IT management.
DeskGate offers a fast and safe management for the computers located in remote distances. Also, it gives many important properties additionally such as, the support duration of the computer you gave support, help creating feature and inventory information.
Best management devise for the company, DeskGate IT Management
You can provide many users with the fast access support simultaneously with DeskGate IT management.
You must firstly open a firm registration to be able to use DeskGate IT management

Fast and safe support service
With the DeskGate remote connection feature you can give fast and safe support to the users other than yours.
Creating remote support service.
Your users to whom you give client or support service might want a help call from you by creating a support service in case of emergency.
Fast results with the multiple reporting feature.
You can reach to the support duration, inventory data, installed programs and using durations, web sites that are logged, copied files, and many other special reports within your license authority.
Inventory and user summary reports.
You can reach to the inventory data ( Device features,Installed softwares, and Serial No') of the computers of your clients to whom you give the support service and at the same time you can print out summary reports about this data.
Take the security one step further with the video recording.
Thanks to video recording, you can make retrospective scan and prevent user oppositions or you can record all the activities that the remote support team that you authorize made on the servers.
Limitation & Prohibition
You can block the users from entering the websites that you don’t want them to enter at working hours, or you can create a list which only has permitted websites.