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Remote Desktop and HelpDesk Ticket

Remote Desktop and HelpDesk Ticket System

Working at a high level of security and finding solutions to leaks quickly is a serious requirement. 

However, this requires a correct infrastructure and service. 

IT Service remote desktop and helpdesk ticket at DeskGate offers professional service to this subject against attacks and leaks that may be encountered with professional quality security measures.

What is RDP Remote Desktop?

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Connection" to create a remote desktop and helpdesk ticket, remote desktop connection to the computer with Windows operating system. 

Providing access to the same network or from another computer connected to the Internet on a different network. 

It is possible to access all programs, files or network resources on the computer in the workplace from outside.

For connect to a remote computer, that computer must be in an open and connect any
network and the Remote Desktop application must be enabled. Connection permissions
must also be required to establish a remote computer connection. You must be in the
user list in order to have the connection permission.

Before starting a connection, you must search the name of the computer you are
connecting to and make sure that the existing firewall is also permitted for Remote
Desktop connections.

The Importance of Security in Remote Connection

Because of the weak security practices of many companies, it is easy to get their data.

In order to reduce existing risks, it is necessary to act more consciously in terms of security as well as using Remote Desktop.

As soon as you allow connection with the Remote Desktop application, advanced security measures are needed to defend and protect your systems against environmental attackers.

IT Service has emerged after long efforts to maximize the security of your desired remote desktop access and provides service with the security protocols it has created for the safest process of access.

High security measures used by the IT Service application ensure that the connection is protected against attacks. 

RSA security algorithm, which is one of the asymmetric encryption methods in IT Service, is the most secure and widely used algorithm of today.
RSA is an encryption technique based on the difficulty of performing transactions with high reliability integers.

Remote desktop and helpdesk ticket system, RSA allows secure data sharing and authentication using digital signatures for multi-user systems.

Thanks to RSA, private key sharing is not required. In this way, the system is freed from the storage load since users do not need to keep their secret keys.

Another security protocol that ensures the IT Service product is secure is the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) password standard, which is one of the asymmetric encryption methods.

Thanks to this encryption, the password block lengths of the attacks encountered are changing.

The high protection of the connection, especially block encryption methods, signing algorithms, key sharing algorithms, will secure the connection for users.

The Importance of Fast Remote Connection It is very important to get instant answers on the desktop connected remotely.

Thats why IT Service latency is at a level that cannot be detected on local networks.

It allows you to make the fastest remote connection with three different speed options in order to have a smooth screen in local networks and internet connection.

Helpdesk Ticketing System

With the helpdesk ticketing system IT teams make it very quick and easy to respond to requests.

The right support desk software required makes it easy for agents to organize, queue and conclude requests correctly, and all requests are registered.

IT Service provides professional and center-oriented control with IT problems so that companies business processes are not interrupted.

It has been providing professional services to millions of IT staff, end users and business partners for a long time.

IT Service is preferred by companies, institutions and organizations that want to work with the highest level of security hardware.