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Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring Software

Computers are used for quite different purposes in at home, offices and our daily life.
Things are getting easier with the use of technology, especially computers. But sometimes we see that computers can be used out of purpose.

That purpose means working with computers by workers.
Using employee monitoring software can be more professional for  finding a purpose of computers using , detect misuse and to prevent misuse, it can be obtained.
After using PC employee monitoring software, computers use more using for in our aims.

Employee Monitoring Software

You may want to use it to control the computer your children are using at home.
You can use it to monitor what is dealing with the computers used in your company.

If computers are used, especially when connected to the Internet, they become a gateway to a huge world and many things.
Web sites, social networks, chat rooms, betting sites will be accessible depending on the preferences of the person who is using it.

However, you may want some of these sites to never let your children enter your home.

Maybe you want to restrict access to social media  or at least keep it under control.
On a computer used in the business, staff are asked not to do such activities except the business stuff.
If you install an employee monitoring program to measure the efficiency of your employees, computers will be used more for business.
Of course, you may want to give freedom to your children at home and  your staff at work.

But at least you should have the control mechanism and keep track of what is being done on the computer with PC employee monitoring software.
PC monitoring or employee monitoring software will also be a way to prevent your family and your employees from being misled.
DeskGate PC employee monitoring software even have the opportunity to receive very detailed reports.

Parents are more comfortable with PC monitoring programs at home

The new generation, who met computers and the internet from a young age, are more lucky in many respects than their parents.
It can even be said that they are better than their parents when it comes to computers and the internet.

Especially internet and social media as well as online games are of interest.
They spend a lot of time at the computer.

The probability of being exposed to various threats in this case is also quite high and parents are concerned.
Parents who think that their children will be exposed to threats such as pornography, virtual sexual harassment, virtual bullying, and violent games are always looking for a solution.
Taking some precautions without restricting their freedom is an imperative that most families have to worry about.
At this point, by choosing DeskGate PC monitoring software, you can have the opportunity to get the control you want.
Worried parents can monitor their children's online activities with these programs and intervene when needed.
Parents, who want, can also block a website for their computers whenever they want.

Work Performance increases with Employee Monitoring Software at Home or Office

The main purpose of the computer used in the business is to carry out work related work.
DeskGate PC monitoring software is the way to check what the staff are doing on the computer during the day and whether they are using the computer efficiently.
With this software, you can achieve the best follow-up of  personnel performance measurement and evaluation.
It makes an important contribution to you to make the right decisions for the future of your company, to continue to work with the right personnel and of course to increase work efficiency.
Your business ideas are valuable for your company and you do not want your competitors to take over.

It also allows you to take measures against threats that may come to your company.

With this software;

you will be able to determine the inefficient times of your employees, identify threats and have the opportunity to intervene early and reach a more efficient working place.

What Can You Do With PC Monitoring?

You can see the websites entered on the computer, the software running, the correspondence made via the keyboard, and all the movements made via USB.
You can block for any website or software installed on the computer.
You can connect to the computer at any time remotely. You have a chance to intervene even when you see a wrong situation
You can record all days on the computer and watch it whenever you want.
The opening and closing of the computer, when the website or programs are entered and how much time is spent, the correspondences that take on these are the data that are kept in detail.
Determine the entry-exit times with the computer opening-closing hours report.

You will be able to monitor the screens of any computer instantly and connect with computers at any time through the management panel  with DeskGate employee monitoring software.
Software provides detailed reporting and it provides options that can provide a higher level of benefits for businesses with advantages such as USB blocking, file transfer and remote connection.