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Computer Monitoring Software

Computer Monitoring Software

Computer monitoring software is software that allows the monitoring and control of the activities carried out on computers for reasons such as security and privacy. 
Although computer and internet technologies have brought great conveniences and innovations to human life, they contain some harmful content. 
These harmful contents pose a great threat to both computer users and the information and documents contained in the computer. 
In addition, the fact that computer users use their computers outside of their intended use has also increased the need for these software. 
Thanks to computer monitoring software, it is possible to have a safer internet experience. 
These monitoring software, in addition to controlling computer activities; 
It also has a great role in preventing unwanted activities.

Where Is Computer Monitoring Software Used?

Usage areas of computer monitoring software are extremely common. 
It can be said that these software can be used wherever there are computers. 
However, some issues come to the fore among these usage areas. 
Companies are among the places where the use of computer monitoring software is most frequently used. 
Employees who use company computers for different purposes outside of work both put the security of company information at risk and cause a decrease in their working efficiency. 
Computer monitoring software allows this situation to be eliminated and the productivity of employees to be increased. 
Parents are one of the people who frequently use computer monitoring software. 
Parents monitor computers remotely, especially in order to monitor the use of computers by children who are not adults and to protect them from harmful aspects of the internet. 
Apart from this, computer monitoring software can be used from time to time in schools and educational institutions to prevent the use of computers outside of educational purposes and to prevent students from wasting time with useless applications. 
The widespread use of the Internet day by day and the proliferation of harmful content accordingly, necessitates the widespread use of monitoring software in order to ensure security.

Functions of Computer Monitoring Software

Monitoring of computers is not the only function of computer monitoring software. 

Computer monitoring software also performs the following functions:

  • First of all, these software allow the websites to be blocked on the basis of URLs or words that are not wanted to be accessed on the computer. 
  • This provides a more secure internet environment.
  • Another function of the monitoring software is that it allows the screens of the computers to be recorded live and watched instantly. 
  • Computer screens can be easily viewed remotely.
  • Thanks to the computer monitoring software, it is possible to reach the list of all sites accessed from the computer during the day and determine which program was used for how long.
  • Recording of file creation, copying and deletion processes on the computer is another function of these software.
  • Computer monitoring software enables the creation of word-based computer filters. In this way, the user profile is notified when any search or action is made regarding the prohibited words.
  • Monitoring software also provides the ability to prohibit the use of USB on computers. 
  • In cases where it is not desired to prevent this completely, every operation done through the USB sticks connected to the computer is reported to the main panel.

Most Reliable Computer Monitoring Software

In parallel with the increasing interest and need for computer monitoring software, many software have been developed to meet this need. 
However, in order to get high performance, attention should be paid to the quality of the preferred monitoring software. 
One of the first software that comes to mind when it comes to computer monitoring software is the software offered to users by DeskGate. 
This software, which has many different functions in addition to those listed above, and maximizes both computer security and internet security, has a simple interface. 
This software, which has been installed on computers for many years without any problems and does not reveal its existence to the computer user, provides great advantages. 
You can contact DeskGate if you want to take advantage of this software offered by DeskGate and ensure high security in your work area or on computers used by your children.
It is a legal offense to use such software on personal computers to obtain users' data and to exploit the obtained information for malicious purposes. 
Monitoring software should be installed and used only by those who have full ownership of the computers.