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Desktop Monitoring Software

Desktop Monitoring Software

Some desktop monitoring software and blocking methods are used to prevent unwanted activities on computers used for individual or corporate purposes. 
Although the computer has extremely facilitating functions both in daily life and business life, it is a tool that has a high potential to cause unwanted situations thanks to its misuse. 
Desktop monitoring software is the software that enables the tracking of the movements performed on the computers and intervention if deemed necessary. 
Thanks to these highly functional software, computer and internet usage becomes safer.

Who Needs Desktop Monitoring Software

The use of desktop monitoring software is possible in every area of ​​the computer. 
In particular, the fact that computers and the internet gradually turn into a big black hole has made it necessary to take certain measures in every field. 
However, companies are among the places where monitoring software is frequently used. 

These companies, including banks, use these software to prevent employees from doing unintended operations on the computers provided to them or to prevent the copying and transfer of data on the computers. 
These software, which instantly monitor every step taken on the computer, are of great importance both for the protection of the data of the company's customers and for the protection of documents that are important to the company. 
Apart from companies, parents also benefit from these software on an individual basis. 
Parents prefer these software in order to control the computer and internet operations of their children, especially in order to prevent situations that may hinder their physical and mental development. 
It is already clear that desktop monitoring software will be used more widely in the near future due to the facilities it provides.

Is Using Desktop Monitoring Software a Crime?

Computer monitoring software, which is installed on computers and informs the main center of every step taken by the users, but is not aware of their existence, constitutes a crime when it goes beyond some boundaries. 

  • The most defining limit of this situation is the concept of property. 
  • In other words, people can easily use these software on their own computers. 
  • Company computers are also included in this situation. 
  • Because the computers in the company are the property of the employer. 
  • Therefore, the employer has the right to control their use. 
Therefore, there is no legal situation arising from the use of tracking and tracking software on company computers. 
Since these computers are work computers, it is not possible for the employee to have any private files or data with personal confidentiality, so that an investigation can be carried out without violating the principle of privacy of private life. 
The main issue that poses a legal problem is the misuse of these software. 
It is entirely a crime for individuals to install these software on computers that do not belong to them and to obtain the information of different people and use them for malicious purposes.

DeskGate Desktop Monitoring Software and Features

One of the first software that comes to mind when it comes to desktop monitoring software is the monitoring software offered to users by DeskGate. 
It is possible to list some of the features offered by this easy-to-use tracking software as follows:
One of the advantages of DeskGate desktop monitoring software is that users of the monitored computers can be authorized or revoked in different areas. 
In this way, it becomes easier to control computers and their users.

The software allows the keyboard touches and all the correspondence resulting from these touches to be obtained as a report.
One of the features of DeskGate desktop tracking software is to provide detailed data on which program is used daily and for how long during the time the monitored computer is on.
Thanks to this software offered by DeskGate, it is possible to monitor computers from remote locations and receive reports without the need for a network connection.
In addition to the monitoring function, this software also makes it possible to chat between the main user and the tracked user and to send files.

DeskGate desktop monitoring software also has the ability to block websites that are not requested to be accessed from computers based on URLs or keywords. 
In addition, a detailed list of websites accessed throughout the day is also presented at the end of the day.
This software, which has the opportunity of multi-screen monitoring, can monitor many users at the same time from a single screen.