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PC Monitoring Software

PC Monitoring Software

The security and proper use of computers is a basic requirement for all companies. However, it may also be the case if computers are abused by users, i.e. within the company. 
Preventing this may not be possible without any PC monitoring software. 
Because, if the activities on the PC are not monitored, it cannot be monitored when the possible negativity occurred, what operations were performed, and by whom. 
The PC monitoring software program is a basic tool to prevent this situation. 
In this case, it is not even possible to comment, as no evidence will be available.

In addition to its data security feature, this vehicle is equipped with equipment that allows the performance of the personnel to be monitored. 
With this feature, it is possible to have a completely reliable infrastructure, while the workflow is ensured to continue as desired.
DeskGate; It is one of the most comprehensive tools that offers companies the ability to control all of their security and monitoring needs. 
With the user interface, you can immediately access the software that offers you fast access and easy use features.

What is DeskGate Monitoring Software?

PC monitoring software provided by DeskGate; constantly monitors the PC it is installed on and regularly stores data. 
The stored data can be monitored in the form of reports analyzed by the manager when needed. 
Software; In cases where there is no live view; the PC monitors and saves data while it is on. In other words, no activity can be overlooked while this software is active. 
The admin team can monitor the activities and even restrict the user's activities.
Thanks to its reporting tools, DeskGate also analyzes whether the user continues his job properly and reports to the manager. 
Thanks to this feature, the performance of the staff can be monitored and positive motivation can be realized. 
In case of disputes, the data obtained here will be considered as direct evidence.
Of course, the most important feature of the application is that it can be a deterrent without any negativity. 
The user of the PC on which this type of monitoring is performed; it will neither tend to leak data nor exploit business. 
This gives you the ability to avoid serious consequences rather than problem-solving.

What Can You Watch With The Monitoring Software?

With DeskGate PC monitoring software, you can monitor almost every past activity on the PC you are monitoring. 

You can also follow the user to live in incognito mode. The activities you can report in general;

  • Keyboard activities
  • Copy activities
  • Loading activities
  • Delete Activities
  • Mail events
  • Web traffic
  • Monitoring data loaded from external devices
  • Data transfer to external devices
  • Applications used
  • Duration of use of apps
  • Commands used
  • Customer relations tracking
  • Monitoring of visited sites
  • System report of the computer
  • Personnel performance measurement
  • PC stay and active use time
  • It is summarized in the form.
  • Also, you can follow and control the following activities of the user.
  • User authorization
  • User deauthorization
  • Authority restriction
  • Website ban
  • Program ban

Is PC Monitoring required?

PC monitoring software is a necessity, especially for companies implementing a remote working model and companies with large numbers of computers and personnel, although they may be particularly necessary for corporate companies. 
It is not possible to monitor the person in this application in private. 
Moreover, nowadays, some businesses apply the home-working model, which is impossible to control software for this model.
The data of this software is extremely valuable in meeting the personal performance needs. In addition to monitoring the study, these data have the feature of concrete evidence in the investigation that will arise as a result of the malicious acts of the personal.
Sure Tracking's most feature; should be more careful on computers with this software installed. 
This software has a direct deterrent feature and the unusual behavior of return is prevented automatically.
You can try the DeskGate tracking sample for your company now. 
After examining how the software works on the demo panel we offer you, you can create an account, make an application in real-time, and evaluate the results by sharing. 
You do not pay any fees during this period. 
You can make sure that the app meets your needs and you can buy it and get a safe run. Application sizes are updated and new generation applications are developed.

Is Monitoring System Legal?

Normally, it is illegal to monitor second party computers, telephones, and similar devices. However, company computers are not personal tools. 
Therefore, it is not possible to be illegal in tracking these tools. 
In fact, doing this is a worldwide standard. 
Today, all companies and public institutions that want to protect their sensitive data and keep track of their personnel use these systems.
There is no obstacle to the operation of this system since the computers belong to the institution and a monitoring notification has been made. 
For your company, you can now make your ongoing business safe and stable with remote working or office working models. 
For this, it will be sufficient to get DeskGate immediately. If you wish, you can review the demo panel or evaluate the free trial period.