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Group List

In the Group List section; is the section that will set up reports from users. Try Defauld gr is an indelible group and the PCs will automatically be in the Defauld group when the agent is installed. You can direct users to the group you want by saying lend Add New Group Üst at the top.
   Group Features:
Screen: RDP Remote connection support.
Multiscreen: Multi-screen monitoring feature.
Record: Video recording feature.
File: File transfer feature.
Web: Web site entries entered.
Web block: Banned or allowed web addresses.
Chat: Chat initiation with users.
Report: Advanced reports.
App: Used program registration.
Used: Network and bandwidth used.
Global: General settings and information. (Soon)
Calander: Date Time Operations. (Soon)
Scheduled: Scheduled tasks. (Soon)
Exlist: All correspondence made.
Usb: Usb / memory stick transaction records.
Copy: Copied text and file records.
Fix: System info You can get detailed information about HDD, CPU, RAM and more.
Desk: User-side support feature. The user appears as a mini icon in the lower right corner of the PC.