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In the Desk Support section; You can see support requests from users. (By activating the Desk feature from the group list) Here you can see the incoming message, title, status and date. You can filter by selecting date ranges. You can also download the cast with ”Export Excel Ayrýca.
Desk support, also called the help desk or the help desk service feature allows you to provide very fast support for your staff inside and outside the company.
How do my staff in the outside office take part in my list?
The staff in the outside office is on your list as if your internal network has been changed and there are 2 different steps you need to make.
1- Define the dns definition or the external leg IP address to the Agent when installing the agent.
2 - You only need to type internal IP address in VPN structures.
The helpdesk feature will provide you with a quick solution and an important record for keeping track of which staff you support.