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Licensing and how to operate the network remotely or locally

1) Does offline pc store data and then upload it?
Answer: In offline situations, ie when there is no internet network, it keeps records on the local pc and when it is online it sends a data to the server when it is available with a smart mechanism.
2) Can "PC" be followed by old pc log  in computer change?
Answer: Even if the "PC" computer is formatted, it is possible to access all of the user's old records from the date the record was held.
3) "TEST" user in IP address is formatted and this IP address is assigned to "DEMO" user. What happens in this case?
Answer: Let's assume that the computer formatted in an old IP address and this IP address is assigned to a new user. In this case the new user PC Name, ADI, etc will process the information as a new record and will not overwrite the old record.
4) How Licensing Management works.
In a PC where there are multiple IP assignments ("Network and Wifi" for example), a process is developed in this case.
Answer: The system recognizes the same user and continues to process the same user. The change of IP or network does not make any difference.
5) How is the licensing structure?
Answer: Licensing is based on user and administrator annually.
6) Does it work with Active Directory?
Answer: Yes, you can set up a policy with active directory and setup it remotely.
7) Is HTTPS and HTTP information retrieved?
Answer: Both HTTPS and HTTP information are retrieved, and they are saved as entered web addresses.
8) Can the website be banned?
Answer: Yes you can create permission or banned websites.
9) Can you assign more than one administrator?

Adding Windows 7, 8 and 10 home edition users
Especially in the "home edition", the add user is not found in the remove panel administrative screen, instead of the cmd command line
You can add a new user from the screen that pops up by typing "control userpasswords2".