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Can I view all the company computers live?

Can I view all the company computers live?

With DeskGate, you can view the computers both live as well as their recordings at any time you want.

Is there a feature to request permission from the user during a remote connection?

There is a feature to request permission during a remote question when viewing the monitors, transferring files, and during command line interaction.

Can I record user screens?

You can record user screens and then view them with the player inside the management window.

Can I interact with the computers?

You can manage all computers as if they were your own computer.

Am I able to transfer files to client computers?

You can quickly and reliably transfer files between computers.

Can users uninstall the program from their computer?

Users cannot uninstall DeskGate from their computer.

Can I view websites that users visit?

You can view the websites they visit through the reports provided and you can export them into an Excel spreadsheet.

Can I view the programs that users open?

You can view the programs and the times that users open them throughout the day through the reports provided, and export them into an Excel spreadsheet.

Can I receive reports of the time spent at the computer?

You can view the time of the users keyboard and mouse movements in reports and identify the most active user at the end of the day.

Can I view the file operations of users?

You can view the files created, deleted and modified by the user through the reports provided with date and time stamps.

What can I do to improve productivity with DeskGate?

By using the reports that DeskGate creates for you, you can find, detect, and forbid access to the most time-consuming websites and applications.

Can I receive reports regarding the computers inventory?

You can get detailed inventory reports regarding your computers.

Can I make special restrictions for a particular individual?

You can restrict people by separating them into groups.

Can I define word alerts in the program?

You can be notified when words you define are written or copied into the system.

Can multiple administrators be connected to a computer at the same time?

Multiple administrators can connect to and interact with the computers.

Can I assign authority to administrators?

The authority to be able to access certain groups can be granted to the administrators.

Can I use the program while outside the company?

You can continue to view images through the management panel while outside the company.

Can I view external users?

You can continue to view your franchisees or their staff who are located in various locations.

How can the user prevent errors?

You can backup your files according to any timeframe you specify and avoid data loss. You will also be able to take precautions against errors due to the notifications you have previously created.v

Do I pay a separate fee for technical support?

No additional fees are paid for technical support or updates.

What is included in the license?

Annual licensing is done and is supported through updates.

Is there a user and administrator limit?

There is no upper limit as long as there are a minimum of 5 users.

Can Individual Users purchase the program?

Unfortunately, DeskGate is not suitable for individual use. It can only be used by corporations.

What are the system requirements for DeskGate?

Minimum system requirements: CPU: 4 core, RAM: 4GB, HDD 250 or 500 A standard hard disk will suffice. You can choose any of the following Windows operating systems: Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 10, Win Server 2012 series.

Does DeskGate slow down my computer?

DeskGate uses as little of the CPU and RAM as possible; it is almost impossible to figure out the extra load on the system in modern computers.

How much space do I need for the user registration feature?

You may want to retrieve user screen recordings and watch them later. The size needed per user is 150-200 MB.

Is a VPN required for other locations?

To reach and manage computers at different locations, port forwarding is sufficient.

How safe is the product I will use?

Your information is safe thanks to the DeskGate guarantor. Nobody can access your information from DeskGate. This is guaranteed in the licensing agreement.

What does it use for the database?

It uses Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

Where are the connection information and data stored?

All recordings will be stored on the server database you will receive within the licensing agreement.

How secure are the connection and data transfers?

DeskGate transfers the data it receives from agents via a TCP protocol with 128 bit encryption to the database installed on your server quickly and safely.

Is it easy to install?

Yes, it is easy. there are three modules that you need to install listed in order of installation which will be described in the license email sent to you by DeskGate. Server software (Service): It would be best if the computer to be selected for installation is a permanently open computer and a permanent IP address is assigned to it. It must be permanently open for the correct registration of future movements from users and for seamless connections whenever you want to access it as the administrator. Client: The agent that is to be installed on the personnel computer. Management: The administrative part that is to be managed by the administrators.

How is the client installed?

Client Installation: Visit the payment and setup pages in order for the Client software to be installed. After you have made the selection, enter the permanent IP address of the computer that you the server software will be installed on into "This is the server address to be accessed by the client. Click Create Setup to create the setup file you can install onto the personnel computers.

Can users ask for support?

They can transfer their requests to the IT department via message and a screen image that describes the problem that they are experiencing.

Can I learn how long I have stayed connected to the computers?

You can view reports including the connection time and which administrator opened a connection.

Can I view more than one screen at the same time?

Multi screen feature allows you to view all the computer screens in one window.